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Welcome to the Romance of the Nine Empires (R9E) Wiki[]

This wiki is about the Romance of the Nine Empires game created by Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) in association with Zombie Orpheus Entertainment (ZOE). This wiki was originally written by the movie's creative team as promotional material[1][2] but has since been expanded by fans of the movie and card game. The fictional[3][1] history of R9E's development that was originally featured on this page is now on its own page here.

About Countermay[]

The detailed world of Countermay was originally created for Dead Gentlemen ’s feature film The Gamers: Hands of Fate and is connected to the team's other fantasy world, Fartherall, in a fictional multiverse.[4] Through a Kickstarter stretch goal, they worked with AEG to design a real card game based on the game played in the movie that includes decks used by the characters.[5][6] An expansion of this game, Arcane Fire, was released in 2014. A prequel comic book, Countermay: War of the God King, was released in 2018. 

The Factions of Countermay[]

For those new to Countermay, here are the factions, presented from oldest to youngest.


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